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Enjoy this fun,  single's tennis league, which includes 2 hours of playing. You will play best 2 out of 3 sets match and record your results at the end. You will determine a mutually agreeable time to play your match during open court time. Please make every effort to make up your match within 1 week of the regularly scheduled date and be sure to submit your scores HERE


This singles league is for male and female players who are of intermediate level skill range Level 3.5 - 4.5.  Prizes for top male and female players will be given at the end of the season. 

Men and women compete against each other based on their ranking in the ladder. Your playing ability will determine where you are initially placed in the ladder. 

The format for the LTC Singles  ladders is a true ladder, with individual rankings for each player. The format allows you to play others at your own pace, although a 1-match-per-week minimum* is in place for Singles

Players manage their own games and schedules by utilizing our online court booking system.  To register please call 778-298-0888 or email to