Henry’s love for tennis began in his early 20’s.  Once he was introduced to the sport

he never left it.  He just couldn’t get enough of it and was a member of the Burnaby

and Abbotsford Tennis club’s. Being on the court was very exhilarating to him.

He also loved meeting new friends whether it was for singles or doubles.

Henry later traveled to California in search of professional lessons and tournaments that he could participate in.  Every summer for years he would take off from Vancouver in search of these tournaments.

Henry played tennis right up to the month before he passed away.

Tennis was in his veins, his heart and his mind.

Cancer took him from us, but his spirit lives on in the game of Tennis.

Henry was a big part of the Langley Tennis Centre when it first opened.  Henry was always willing to help whether it be on or off the courts.  From taking pictures and organizing leauges to helping out in the reception he left his foot print in all aspects of the club.  We will always remember Henry and what he did for LTC.  

Henry Doerksen